Year 1 Spring

Dogs for Good

As part of our ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ topic we were very lucky to have 4 visitors from the Dogs for Good charity. Nicola and Vicki bought along their beautiful dogs Reva and Niko to show us what things they are able to help with. They told us lots of information about what the charity does and we got to ask lots of questions. Niko demonstrated his skills of pressing buttons and pushing targets as well as carefully removing gloves from children’s hands. It was wonderful to see such clever, loving and well trained dogs and to learn about the hard work that they do.


Paws, Claws and Whiskers Home Learning Activity

As part of our topic we had a very special home learning activity. We had to create a project all about our pets. If we didn’t have a pet of our own, we created a profile about our ideal pet or one that belongs to somebody that we know.

Take a look at our photos to see how creative we all were! We really enjoyed learning all about everybody else’s pets and looking at their photos.

Our Trip to Dudley Zoo

As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic we went on a trip to Dudley Zoo. We saw lots of amazing animals including flamingos, lions, tigers, penguins and lots lots more. We got to look at the animals and find out lots of interesting facts about them. We also took part in a ‘Habitats and Adaptations’ workshop. We learnt about where different animals come from, how they have adapted to live in their environment and we were lucky enough to get to see them up close and touch them! We all had a brilliant time and learnt a lot of great facts about the animals.

Mother’s Day Assembly

On Friday 24th March, we delivered an assembly to celebrate one of our favourite people… our Mum! We talked about the many reasons that we love our Mum’s, what our favourite thing to do with our Mum is and why our Mum is so special. We learned and performed a song with some super actions and received a huge round of applause for our beautiful singing! We had some collages of our Mum’s on display for everyone to see and they looked lovely. All of our visitors were very proud of us and enjoyed our assembly.

Curriculum letter

Animal Man

As part of our ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ topic this term, we had a visit from The Animal Man. He brought along all of these animals; snakes, geckos, a tarantula, a bearded dragon, a pygmy hedgehog, a barn owl and a raccoon. We got to stroke, fuss and hold the animals and some of us even had them on our heads! We learnt lots of amazing and interesting facts about each animal including where they are originally from and what they like to eat. We all had a brilliant time and look forward to learning even more about amazing animals!

The Dog’s Trust Visit


As part of Year 1’s Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic we had two ladies and Shadow the toy dog visit us from the Dog’s Trust. They provided us with lots of information about dog safety including how to recognise if a dog is safe or not, recognising the signs of how a dog is feeling and knowing when it is safe to approach a dog. Charlotte from Dog’s Trust said, “We never know for definite how a dog is feeling so we always need to be safe”. We learnt some important lessons on how to react when a dog approaches you, times when it is unsafe to stroke a dog and most importantly to never approach a dog if it is on its own. As well as learning how to be safe around dogs we also learnt how to keep dogs safe. This included what to feed them and how to care for them.