Additional Information

  • Children are provided with free fresh fruit that they have for their morning snack. Milk is available free of charge until your child’s fifth birthday and then you can order from ‘Cool Milk’ (see section about Break Time for more information)
  • Water bottles are provided for each child when they start, from the Friends of St. Peter’s, and these should be cleaned, re-filled and sent with fresh water each day. Spare bottles and lids can be purchased from the school office and school caps when needed
  • As a school we will administer a prescribed medication if it is a four times daily dose. This is because one of the four doses has to be taken during the middle of the day when the child is at school. A three times a day prescribed medicine can be taken before the child starts the school day and when they return home. The medicine needs to be taken to the school office where the appropriate forms should be filled in. The medicine should be collected from the school office at the end of the day
  • If your child suffers from asthma and needs an inhaler in school then please ensure that you have made reference to this on the Confidential Data Form. Your child’s Class Teacher will then speak to you about this at the first possibility
  • If your child is prescribed an epi-pen they should have two epi-pens on site and a care plan in place, this should be reviewed annually by the parent/carer and their new class teacher. Please ensure you have informed us of this via the Confidential Data Form and your child’s Class Teacher will then speak to you about this at the first possibility.
  • In an attempt to remove all cash and cheques from school we are asking all parents to only use our e-payment method to pay for school trips etc. This can be done online using a very secure website called ParentPay or in cash at local stores where you see the PayPoint logo. If you need to send monies into school it will need to be placed into an envelope clearly marked with the name of the child, class and contents. You will be issued with your unique ParentPay login details when your child starts school.
  • As children have access to ‘dressing up clothes’ and regularly get changed for PE, earrings are not allowed in school for health and safety reasons
  • Children have weekly sessions in Forest School and will require a pair of labelled wellington boots in a labelled bag to keep in school
  • Your child will receive a school book bag, from the Friend’s of St. Peter’s when they start school and they should bring to school each day. These bags should only contain reading books, a reading record and a library book. Toys are not allowed into school unless requested. Please ensure your child’s book bag is labelled with your child’s full name