Values and Virtues

Catholic Schools’ Pupil Profile

Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Birmingham ensure that as part of their Catholic teachings from Learning and Growing as the People of God, the values and virtues are a key focus. The values and virtues show how pupils are growing in their faith, as well as how schools help children to grow. Every half term there is a different focus.

These values and virtues are taken from the Jesuit Institute which is rooted in the teachings of St Ignatius. They have created a Pupil Profile in which 8 pairs of complementary words have been placed together. The Archdiocese of Birmingham have been allowed to use the Jesuit material and have renamed it the Catholic Schools Profile.

Each half term the whole school will focus on one pair of words; we will spend time reflecting on the meaning of the words; how we see these values and virtues in action in our lives and in the lives of others. Work on the meaning of the words is carried out in class and whole school assemblies. Demonstrating these values and virtues are celebrated through the class values and virtue trees.