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Hello everyone,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well at home!
It has been great to hear from some of you and to see how busy you have been at home. I think I might have to give some of the activities a go myself! You have been working really hard at home and I can see you have been making, exploring and doing lots of learning.

Here are some of the pictures I have received so far. Don’t forget you can get in touch and send me a little message and a photograph of what you have been up to via our Year One email.

I can’t wait to see what you get up to next!
Mr Doxford

Space Home Learning

VE Day Home Learning

Welcome to Grasshopper Class,

We had lots of fun last term learning and exploring traditional tales such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’. Through our work, we delved into narrative writing and became authors ourselves as we wrote our own traditional tale scenes from each focus story.

We are all very excited to start our new topic…. Brilliant Britain. Throughout this topic, we will be learning about countries in the United Kingdom, their capital cities and the modern royal family. To do this we will focusing on the story ‘We completely must go to London’ where we will be exploring maps, landmarks, list and non-fiction texts. As our topic is all about Britain this will be drawing on lots of non-fiction writing opportunities.

During our outdoor learning opportunities, we will be talking about the changes of the seasons. The children are certainly enjoying their hot chocolate as the weather is getting a little chillier!

We are continuing to encourage the children to start becoming a little more grown up and independent taking responsibly for themselves and their belongings.  The children are responsible for changing their own reading book so please remember to write in your child’s reading record once you have read with them. The children are then allowed to change their own reading book. We can see the children are choosing their books carefully and are enjoying this responsibility.

We can’t wait to share all of the wonderful things will be learning, doing and creating together over the year ahead.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you.

Mr Doxford and Mrs Berreen

Curriculum Overview

Brilliant Britain

We have received a special delivery from Buckingham Palace in London! During the holidays, Mrs Manzur and Mr Doxford went to London to visit the Queen. They posted a letter to her royal highness, Queen Elizabeth II, telling her all about our christmas adventures and how our new topic was going focus on the United Kingdom. At St. Peter’s there was a delivery from a royal guard, he was holding a golden chest and told Mrs Thornton in the office to take extra special care when delivering this to us! When we opened the chest, inside was a letter addressed to Year 1,  photographs, crown jewels and a British flag, all from the Queen! We are so excited to learn more about the Queen and her royal family during our exciting topic, Brilliant Britain!



Please see our Year group handbook for any questions that you may have.

Year 1 Handbook


How to help at home – Please see the curriculum overview for information on what is being covered this term

At our school we want to develop and promote ‘a love of reading’.

The children also have an opportunity to visit the school library and choose a book which they then keep and return at the next class library session.

When sharing a book talk to your child about what he or she thinks might happen next in a story, how the story might end and then ask them to retell the story themselves. Picture books are very important to promote discussion, so look for books without any words to help your child practise this skill. Have fun acting out stories together. Your enthusiasm for a book will help your child to understand that books are exciting.  Your child will receive a bookmark with their book and this should target the objectives that your child is working on.

Make reading times fun and relaxed and you will see your child’s confidence grow!


Curriculum Workshop

We hope you enjoyed our curriculum workshop back in September. Please find all information shared at the workshop below.

Year 1 Curriculum Workshop 2019-2020

Exception Words

These words cannot be spelt phonetically and are called Common Exception Words. Children in year 1 are expected to be able to read and spell these by the end of the year.

Autumn Day

As part of our Science curriculum in Year 1 we observe the changes through the seasons. We thought it would be a great idea to dedicate a whole day to celebrate the season of Autumn and explore the visible seasonal changes happening around us. On our walk we planned a route on a map and found lots of coloured leaves and other items to collect along the way.


Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables children to understand relationships and patterns in both number and space, in their daily lives.





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