Welcome to Dragonflies Class!

What a lovely first half term we have had in Year 1! We have made a fabulous start to the new school year and have settled in really well.

As you will have seen from the Curriculum Information letter, our first topic is Once Upon a Time. So far, we have covered the stories of The 3 Little Pigs and have just started Jack and the Beanstalk. We look forward to our learning over the next year.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you.

Miss. McEntee & Mrs. Juggins



Previously in Dragonfly class…

We celebrated the season of Winter today by having fun in the snow! We created snow angels, snow man and even found a cold worm a warm home! We hope you all had as much fun as us at home. It was snow-taly awesome.

Home Learning November 2020

Well done to all the children in Dragonflies class that have worked super hard to create some amazing pieces of work from home! You have all put in lots of effort and have made myself and Mrs Juggins so very proud! We have seen fantastic models of traditional tales and have seen lots of beautiful hand written book reviews, stories and information leaflets about your special pets! You have also been working out lots of mathematical problems that show your excellent understanding of the work we have been doing in class.


Our Once Upon A Time “Big Art”

Our first topic is all about ‘Once Upon a Time’ and we have been focusing on traditional tales. The traditional tale that we have been looking at in particular is ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ To show our understanding of the story we created the three little pigs houses using paint and sugar paper and we also painted the three little pigs and the big bad wolf! We had lots of fun painting and we especially enjoyed using a range of materials to allow us to add special marks on our work. These materials included a fork, lolly pop sticks, cotton wool, a feather and a cotton bud stick.

Here is our finished work that has been proudly placed on display for all to see!

Autumn Day

In Science we learn all about the different seasons. During the Autumn season, Year 1 came to school dressed in different autumnal colours. This included red, yellow, green, orange and brown items of clothing. We started the day by going on an adventure! We used our map of the school to mark out where we were going to explore and look out for signs that Autumn was here. Once we had planned our route, we put on our coats and went outside. We were all fantastic explorers as we spotted different coloured leaves both on the trees and on the ground, berries, acorns, conkers and some birds nesting in the trees. We had lots of fun and even got to throw lots of leaves in the air alongside our friends!

After our autumn walk, we started our autumn activities. This included investigating autumnal sensory trays, leaf rubbing, mark making and creating our very own paper scarecrows! We even learnt many facts about deciduous and evergreen trees and how certain animals like to prepare for hibernation during this very colourful season.


Huff and Puff Art

In Year 1 we have been focusing on the topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ and during this topic we have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs. We learnt lots about the big bad wolf and we decided to represent his huffing and puffing by using paint and a straw. We took on the role of the wolf very well and are so proud of our houses that show how the paint has been blown all over place! Just like the wolf who blew down the straw and wooden houses.


Please see our Year group handbook for any questions that you may have.

Year 1 Handbook

How to help at home – Please see the curriculum overview for information on what is being covered this term

When sharing a book with your child, talk about what he or she thinks might happen next in the story, how the story might end and then ask them to retell the story by themselves. Your enthusiasm for a book will help your child to understand that books are exciting.

We encourage you to read as often as possible with your children at home and have introduced a Reading Raffle! If your child reads 4 or more times during the week, they will be entered into the reading raffle and the winner receives a prize!

Make reading times fun and relaxed and you will see your child’s confidence grow!


Curriculum Workshop

We hope you enjoyed our curriculum workshop back in September. Please find all information shared at the workshop below.

Year 1 Currculum Workshop 2019-2020

Exception Words

These words cannot be spelt phonetically and are called Common Exception Words. Children in year 1 are expected to be able to read and spell these by the end of the year.


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