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Welcome back after what we hope was a restful and enjoyable Easter holiday.  The children thoroughly enjoyed our topics ‘The Great Fire of London’ and ‘Monsters’ last term and are already showing signs of great enthusiasm for our new topic ‘In the Garden’.

We are continuing to encourage the children to become ‘Star Readers’ each week by reading each day at home and getting their diaries signed by an adult. They are still very keen to get their certificate at the end of the week!

We look forward to continuing to work with you, during this busy yet exciting term for your children.

Mrs.  Rowe and Mrs. Ottley

Curriculum Overview


The children have been familiarising themselves with using the keyboard in the ICT suite. They all successfully logged onto the school system and used the BBC Bitesize ‘Dance Mat Typing’ to practice their typing skills. Your child may be keen to practice again at home, so please encourage them to do so.






Please see our Year group handbook for any questions that you may have.

Year Two handbook for parents 2018

Year 2 Guidance sheets

How to help at home – Please see the curriculum overview for information on what is being covered this term

At our school we want to develop and promote ‘a love of reading’.

When sharing a book talk to your child about what he or she thinks might happen next in a story, how the story might end and then ask them to retell the story themselves. Picture books are very important to promote discussion, so look for books without any words to help your child practise this skill. Have fun acting out stories together. Your enthusiasm for a book will help your child to understand that books are exciting. Your child will receive a bookmark with their book and this should target the objectives that your child is working on.

Make reading times fun and relaxed and you will see your child’s confidence grow!


The children will be expected to have their spelling books in school at all times as they will have the opportunity to practise during the week. Please support your child in learning their spellings.

Other useful links


At St. Peter’s we use Phonics as a way of teaching the children to read and write. We use the Letters and Sounds document as our basis and support it with Jolly Phonics.

Throughout Reception and KS1 the children receive a daily phonic sessions of twenty minutes. The children re-cap the sounds they have learnt and are then taught a new sound. It is practiced by taking part in a variety of phonic activities and then it is applied in their reading and writing.

Children are also taught to read and spell Tricky words, these are the words which they cannot decode.


Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables children to understand relationships and patterns in both number and space, in their daily lives.

Help your child practise their times tables. We are focussing on our 3 times table at the moment! We are also trying to get quicker recall on our 2s and 5s times table. There are lots of useful websites on the Maths area on our website to help you with this! Some are below: