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Year 2

We are looking forward to the exciting year ahead.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Please check back here regularly for updates and to see what we have been up to in school.

Scroll down to find the Year 2 Handbook and the information given out at our recent workshop for parents.


Year 2 – The Bakers!


We have been busy making different types of bread. Last week, Julie and Steven from Class Catering came in to talk to us about the different types of bread and the ingredients needed to make it. Steven the Chef demonstrated kneading for us so we would know what to do. He told us to use the heel of our hand to work the bread. It was exhausting work!


This week, after finding out that in 1666 the poorer people of London would have eaten rye bread, we decided to try baking some so that we could compare the different breads. We used the hall as our bakery and worked together in groups.


The Taste Test – Yum Yum! We loved sampling the different breads and hope you did too (if any made it home!)




Christmas Workshop – Glitter Fest 2019!

The children worked hard during our festive Christmas Workshop. They made all sorts of lovely decorations to take home. The mini Christmas trees using wool and pom-poms looked very effective and the glittery angels would look perfect on the top of any Christmas tree. Thank you to all of the adults who were able to join us and support the children. We look forward to Thursday when Father Graham will bless all of the baby Jesus’.




What impressive Home Learning Projects the Hedgehogs have produced!

Keep reading for more information and photos.

The Hedgehogs have been busy designing and making amazing boats. Children were able to tell us about testing their boats, both the successes and the failures! Two children even told us they had to add ballast to their boats to stop them sinking and they were able to explain what that was.

We had under the sea stories including ‘Toby the Octopus’, ‘The Herring’s Day’ and a tale all about a Mermicorn. You guessed it, a mix between a mermaid and a unicorn! Great under sea adventures.

A matter very close to our hearts following our work this term is Plastic Pollution. Some children designed posters informing people about ‘Plastic Pollution’ and one child made an amazing diorama depicting the plastic pollution in our oceans.  Several children chose to research the Titanic and were able to tell us some interesting facts about the Unsinkable Ship.

Well done Hedgehogs!


We have been exploring place value.


We had a great turnout at our Year 2 Workshop. The children worked with their parents and grandparents to explore the different strategies they will use in Maths throughout the year. They also looked at the expectations for reading, writing and spelling. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that were able to attend. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of the Year 2 team.



Curriculum Overview


Please see our Year group handbook for any questions that you may have.

Year Two handbook for parents 2019

Year 2 Guidance sheets

SATS presentation 2020

How to help at home – Please see the curriculum overview for information on what is being covered this term

At our school we want to develop and promote ‘a love of reading’.

When sharing a book talk to your child about what he or she thinks might happen next in a story, how the story might end and then ask them to retell the story themselves. Picture books are very important to promote discussion, so look for books without any words to help your child practise this skill. Have fun acting out stories together. Your enthusiasm for a book will help your child to understand that books are exciting. Your child will receive a bookmark with their book and this should target the objectives that your child is working on.

Make reading times fun and relaxed and you will see your child’s confidence grow!


The children will be expected to have their spelling books in school at all times as they will have the opportunity to practise during the week. Please support your child in learning their spellings.

Other useful links


At St. Peter’s we use Phonics as a way of teaching the children to read and write. We use the Letters and Sounds document as our basis and support it with Jolly Phonics.

Throughout Reception and KS1 the children receive a daily phonic sessions of twenty minutes. The children re-cap the sounds they have learnt and are then taught a new sound. It is practiced by taking part in a variety of phonic activities and then it is applied in their reading and writing.

Children are also taught to read and spell Tricky words, these are the words which they cannot decode.




Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables children to understand relationships and patterns in both number and space, in their daily lives.

Help your child practise their times tables, we are working on the 2s, 5s and 10s.  There are lots of useful websites on the Maths area on our website to help you with this! Some are below: