What an adventurous day we had!

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Our Roman Home Learning Projects

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Curriculum Overview

Our Adventure Day

We had an amazing day doing lots of activities. We improved our aim through archery, and used our strength and courage to climb the climbing wall. From the top of the zip line, it looked like it went on forever! It felt like we were flying as we whizzed over the hills. Some of the activities felt a bit scary but we worked together and cheered each other on. It was a great day!

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Previously in 4R…

World Book Day!

We had a fabulous day today celebrating World Book Day. It was great to come to school in our pyjamas and we enjoyed stopping to read our books throughout the day. We all received a different book to read as part of our book swap. It was fun to see someone else get excited about reading one of our old books. Happy reading!

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In Year 4 we have stepped back in time to 60AD. We were lucky enough to be joined by a Roman Soldier. He arrived wearing his full armour and carrying his marching pack including his rations, underwear, shield, money, and spare clothes. This gave us a great chance to see these items for real, and some of us even got to try things on! We learnt lots of facts about life in the Roman Army and life in Roman times.

Dodgeball Competition

We had a fast, fun-filled and fabulous afternoon taking part in a Y4 dodgeball competition. We played in our house teams. It was great cheering on our friends in different houses and watching their terrific dodging skills!

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Stone Age Camp in Forest School 

This half term we have begun our new topic of ‘The Stone Age’. We are excited to find out all about how they lived their lives. We have created cave paintings using pastel, charcoal and clay. We are very proud of our creations!

We also went back in time to a Stone Age camp. We went out into Forest School and had a camp fire, just as they would’ve done in the past. The only difference was that we got to have hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Our Puppet Theatre Boxes

We made our own theatre puppet boxes. We wrote our own play scripts for the Wizard of Oz and performed them to each other.


Our term began with an exciting visit from a travelling theatre group who performed a pantomime version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. In Year 4 we were lucky enough to meet the actors after the performance and find out how they put the show together. It was amazing that only four people could create such an amazing show!

We are now keen to find out more about theatre shows, especially the scenery and other effects. We are also enjoying reading Michael Morpurgo’s version of the story ‘Toto’. We are using this to inspire us with our own creative writing, artwork and even dances. Have a look at the photos to see what we have been up to so far!

The Wizard of Oz Panto 

Our Fantastic artwork of the Yellow Brick road 


Having fun in Maths 



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Year 4 handbook 2018

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