Summer Term in the Owls Class

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 Science- Y4 Living Things and their Habitats

Geography- Y4 Amazon Rainforest

Current Maths Overview

Maths Overview

Hop, skip, jump!

Who knew that skipping could be so fun and inventive?! We have all really enjoyed taking part in skipping workshops this week with ‘Dan the Skipping Man’. As well as developing our skipping skills, we improved our fitness and learnt new tricks. We are excited to take home our own skipping ropes and get practicing!

Outdoor Adventures

Everyone was very excited to go on a school trip, even just going on the coach was exciting! We had a great time working together and encouraging each other on our trip to Blackwell Adventure. We tried thrilling activities such as a giant zipwire, a tree trek, archery and a jump from a 10 metre high platform on the fan descender. It felt extremely high at the top! It was an amazing day and we all supported each other to achieve something new.


Previously in Owls…


This term we have begun our ‘Water, water everywhere!’ topic. So far we have been exploring how water changes when is it heated and cooled, found out about the Lake District and have started to create a dance based on the water cycle. In English, we have written stories to be read alongside the picture book ‘Flood’. Here are some of the best bits of our stories…

We have all been very, very good this year!

Our Light-up Christmas Scenes

We have been learning about electric circuits in Science and have used our knowledge to design and make our own light-up Christmas scenes. We had to overcome many challenges and we are really proud of what we have achieved.

The Amazing Discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb

We have been learning all about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter. We began with our own archaeological dig and pieced together pictures of some of the treasures that were found. We learnt all about how the tomb was discovered and felt a bit sorry for Hussein the water boy. He accidently found the steps down to the tomb but no-one ever mentions him. We are writing our own newspaper reports to tell people all about his important role.

Building the Pyramids

We have been enjoying our topic all about the Ancient Egyptians. We began by looking at images of the Pyramids of Giza. It is amazing to think that they were built over 4000 years ago, especially as some of the blocks were over a metre wide and the pyramids were over 100 metres tall. We had a go at making our own pyramids, although we used much smaller blocks! Have a look to see what we achieved with our logical thinking, team work and plenty of resilience .

Previously in Owl Class…

Goodbye Owls!

VE Day

We have really enjoyed finding out about WW2 and the bravery of all those involved. We were lucky enough to be able to try out our very own Anderson Shelter which was made by one of the Owls Class for her Home Learning project. It was great fun to go in for a few minutes but it wouldn’t have been very nice to have to go in there during an air raid. We celebrated the end of of topic with by learning all about VE day even had our own street party.

WW2 online Workshop

We were lucky to take part in an online World War 2 workshop run by the Royal Armouries Museum. We found out about the roles of the Home Guard and the ARP wardens in a fun and interesting way. Here are some photos and some of our thoughts…

“I liked hiding under the table when we pretended there was an air raid. We had to listen for the bell to tell us it was safe to come out.”

“I enjoyed it and I learnt a lot.”

“I think it was the best performance ever!”

“I loved the Home Guard and ARP warden characters.”

“I enjoyed doing role play to find out about WW2.”

“I liked being shown the guns and other weapons.”

“It was really fun to learn about WW2.”

“I enjoyed finding out what the ARP wardens did to protect people.”

“It was really entertaining and funny!”

“I learnt lots of interesting facts about WW2.”

“I found it fun because I want to be in the army.”

Archery and Fencing

We are always keen to try new sports and were pleased to be able to take part in archery and fencing workshops this week. Here are some of our thoughts…

“I think I should be a hunter when I’m older. Archery was really fun!”

“I really enjoyed the activities and I got better at archery.”

“I thought they were excellent activities and I really enjoyed it, thank you! The fencing was interesting and so was the archery. I would rate it *****”

“It was brilliant because I got to learn how to reload the bow fast. I would like to do it again!”

“I liked the archery because I got better with my aiming skills.”

This term we have been enjoying reading ‘The Wild Robot’ by Dan Brown. The story has really captured our imaginations as well as making us think about different environmental issues. We have found it interesting finding out about animals that live in North America and comparing them with those we find here. We have found the lives of beavers particularly fascinating and have been exploring whether we argee with the rewilding of beavers in the UK.


Happy Easter from the Owls!

We looked at artwork by Alma Woodsey Thomas and used this as inspiration for the background for our Easter cards. We are proud of our creations!

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Merry Christmas from the Owls!


Light up Scenes

We have enjoyed learning about Electricity this half term and have used our new knowledge and skills to design and create light up Christmas scenes. We chose who the product would be for and considered this when designing the scene. We incorporated a working circuit to make something light up and made our own switches to control it. Have a look below to see our creations!

The Romans are coming!

We started our new topic by looking at images of Celtic Britain and made inferences about what it would have been like to live at that time. The Celtic army seemed very fierce! We created artwork of shields and water-colour paintings of the Celtic army. We then looked at images and reconstructed video clips of the Roman army invading Britain. We noticed how different they seemed from the Celts. We created Roman shields and paintings to add to our class display, and are proud of what we have produced as a whole class.

Learning about Digestion

We have been learning what happens to our food after it has entered our mouths. It goes on a fascinating journey through our bodies! We enjoyed modelling the processes using food and other equipment. Can you work out which organ and process we are modelling in each photo?

Remembrance Day

Today we took part in a virtual service across schools in Our Lady of Lourdes MAC to mark Remembrance Day. We were proud to watch the readers from our class, and felt a range of feelings as we thought about those people who have served and died during war. We wrote our own acrostic poems to show our appreciation and respect for them all.

It is so lovely to have everyone back in school, even though things are all a little different. We have begun the term with a project based on the book ‘Here We Are: Notes for Planet Earth’. It has helped us think about what is important to us and share our thoughts and feelings. We enjoyed writing new song lyrics to create our own ‘Wonderful World’ song, and wrote letters to those people who are special to us. We have thought about ways in which we are all different, and ways to be kind to others. We ended the topic by writing our own ‘Notes for planet Earth’. Have a read and see if we can inspire you!

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