Home to the Bees and Butterflies


Welcome to St Peter’s to all our new Bees and Butterflies!

It is great to have all the Bees and Butterflies back back in Reception. It has not been the same without you all! We are looking forward to a busy term and have already started our Summer term topic, “Spring has Sprung & It’s a Bug’s Life”. Check out our curriculum information below to see what we will be up to in school this term.

If you have any questions please speak to one of the Reception Team or email the school office.

Thanks for your support.

Reception Team.


Summer Term 2021 – Spring has Sprung & It’s a Bugs Life


Autumn Term 2020 – Our Wonderful World


We have been very busy here in Reception the past few weeks learning about ‘Dinosaurs’. We worked in our groups to produce some Wanted Posters for the T-Rex and baby T-Rex that we saw in the Blue Room. We drew pictures and looked closely at the photographs of the dinosaurs to describe what they looked like. We have also had fun making some colourful dinosaur handprints, exploring our dinosaur museum role-play area and we even had a go at matching fossils to the correct dinosaurs!

Help! There was a Dinosaur in our Class…

See the source image

We came into Reception on Monday morning to find footprints and a mysterious round object in the Blue Room. The children were confused at first to what had happened in their class over the weekend. We looked carefully at the footprints that had been left and compared them to other animals. We then came to the conclusion that a dinosaur had been in our class and laid an egg! Some of the dinosaurs the children thought it could be included a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl and Triceratops. We have now setup a camera to watch over the egg so we can find out what it is once it hatches.

We have also transformed our role-play area into a Dinosaur Museum complete with fossils, T-Rex skull , toy dinosaurs and miniature dinosaur skeletons.

Check out the pictures below.


Home Learning Summer 2020

Here is the place to keep up to date with your friends Home Learning.  

Home Learning – Rainforests

We hope you all enjoyed finding out about the Rainforests. Here is a selection of your hard work. Enjoy!

Home Learning – Minibeasts

Home Learning – Animals

We hope you enjoyed working on your Home Learning this week! I think the theme animals meant you could get very creative and learn about some of you favourite animals. Possibly even find out some facts about some new animals you were not as familiar with. We have enjoyed looking through the photos you sent! Here is a selection of what you have been up to the past week. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to upload your Home Learning to our year group email address so that your friends can see your hard work. 

Home Learning  – My Family 

We hope you all enjoyed working on the topic of Family for your Home Learning. Here is a selection of your hard work. Enjoy!  

Don’t forget to upload your Home Learning to our year group email address so that your friends can see your hard work. 


Spring Term

What a fantastic start to the Spring Term we have had in Reception. We have been learning about celebrations and in particular have learnt all about ‘Chinese New Year’. The children have been extremely excited about our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’ in which they have met real life fire fighters and had a chance to take a look at their fire engine. The children were also visited by two local paramedics and had lots of fun trying out their equipment, learning how to put on a bandage and taking a look inside of their ambulance! We look forward to finding out lots more about other people who help us as the term progresses.

The Reception year is all about developing independence. You can help with this by encouraging your child to do things for themselves. This could include taking jumpers on and off, fastening and unfastening buttons and zipping up coats.

Reading and sharing stories is something all of the children are enjoying in school. They are now bringing picture books home to share with you. Please spend some time reading these, discussing the pictures and encouraging your child to predict what might happen next. An adult must sign their Reading Record when they have read at home so we know to change it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of the Reception team. We are always happy to help.  To keep up with the latest news and events from Reception check out the page below! For a list of useful websites to use at home please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Many thanks,

The Reception Staff


Ambulance Visit 

On Friday 13th of March as part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us’, we were extremely lucky to be visited by two Paramedics. We started by hearing about the different things they have to do to help people in their job and they told us all how to ring 999 to request an ambulance in an emergency. They both also explained how ringing 111 was important if you had a medical problem that didn’t require an ambulance.

We then tried out some of the equipment and were shown the heart rate monitor. We ran on the spot for 30 seconds to see what happened to our heart rate during and after exercise. We were shown how to put bandages on a patient and all enjoyed having ago at trying it out on our friends and even one of the Paramedics! Finally we went to see the ambulance and some of us even got to sit in the drivers seat and switched on the lights! The siren was extremely loud! So much so we all had to stand well back!

A massive thanks to our visitors! The children had so much fun gaining an insight into the way Paramedics help our local community. They found waving into the cameras around the ambulance and watching each other on the screens inside hilarious!

Check out the pictures below!


Fabulous Firefighters! 

On Tuesday 11th February, we had a visit by the Firefighters from Bromsgrove Fire Station.

The firefighters spoke to us about fire safety and we now know that if we are in a fire we have to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’.

They showed us their uniform and told us how it keeps them safe. We looked at their tunics, leggings, boots, helmet, gloves and flash hoods. Some of us where lucky enough to try it on!

The firefighters told us that they have to get into their uniform in 30 seconds and be in the fire engine ready to go in 90 seconds from when the fire bell rings!

We also learnt that firefighters don’t just put out fires. They told us lots of stories about rescuing animals, helping at car crashes and assisting in other incidents.

We were very excited to go outside and see the fire engine. They showed us what tools they keep and explained how they are used. We really enjoyed watching the firefighter squirt the water from the hose and even Mr Pinnock had the chance to have a go!

The firefighters soon had to go however, they left us with a big smile as they sounded the siren on the fire engine as we waved goodbye.





 Chinese New Year 2020!

We have been having a fantastic couple of weeks celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception. We have been learning about the traditions that take place when celebrating Chinese New Year and have been getting crafty making Chinese lanterns, decorating plates and even making a stir fry to try!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese restaurant role play, making spring rolls for customers and writing their own messages for friends to put in our fortune cookies. We enjoyed listening to the ‘Great Race’ and finding about the origins of the Chinese Zodiac. We have also been ordering noodles in order from shortest to longest and writing instructions for the stir fry we made.

Thank you to you all for the super costumes the children wore for our Chinese celebration day! The children looked wonderful!

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of our costumes and some of the work we have done!



End of Autumn Term

We have had a very exciting and busy first ever Autumn Term in School.

We have all settled quickly into Reception and have made lots of new friends and have had lots of new activities to explore. This term we performed songs and presented our work to our parents and siblings during our ‘Welcome Assembly’. We all had a line to say and were all super brave!

We also dressed in spotty, colourful clothing to help raise money for BBC children in need. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Pudsey and he gave all of us a big high 5. We even made and decorated our own cakes to sell in the playground after school!

The end of term has been extremely busy! We have been making calendars, cards and tea light holders in preparation for Christmas. We have also had the excitement of practising and performing our very first nativity play ‘Everyone Loves a Baby’.

We have learnt about Creation, visited forest school, learnt about Divali and fireworks and even had a visit from our parents and grandparents during our Reading and Phonics workshop.

A massive thank you to all your help and from all the Reception team we all wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Reading and Phonic Workshop – Tuesday 8th October 2019

A massive thank you to all the parents that attended our recent Reading and Phonics workshop. It was lovely to see all the children working enthusiastically with you! We hope you gained lots of ideas to help your child at home. Please keep an eye on the website for workshop photos.


How to help at home – Please see the curriculum overview for information on what is being covered this term

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