Parent Voice

St. Peter’s Parent Voice

As parents of children at St. Peter’s you are automatically a member of the Parent Voice.  This is an initiative that provides an opportunity for all parents to share new ideas, make suggestions and help to create the best opportunities for our children by working together.

Aims of St. Peter’s Parent Voice

To involve everyone in the school (directors, teaching and non-teaching staff, children and parents/carers) working together towards making sure our children have the best opportunities.

Objectives of St. Peter’s Parent Voice

  • To improve communication between the school and parents/carers in both directions.
  • To increase and facilitate parents’ and carers’ confidence to help their children learn at home.
  • To give all parents and carers an equal opportunity to “have a say”.
  • To create a group of parents who can offer friendly advice to other parents.
  • To involve more parents in the school and break down the barriers so that everyone can be involved in the school.
  • To interpret vital information so it can be understood by all e.g. topics being taught in school, policies and procedures.

St. Peter’s Voice is run by Mrs, S. Ottley.

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There are 2 main methods of communication with the Parent Voice;

Suggestion Box

A suggestion box is available to all and is situated in the school entrance.  Any ideas or suggestions can be written on the form provided and put into the box (these can be anonymous).

Email Suggestions via the link

Follow the link below to email suggestions to the Parent Voice.

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