Reception Spring 2018

As part of our RE Unit of work on Baptism, we all enjoyed going over to Church and taking part in some role play of a Baptism ceremony.

Pupils and their parents were warmly welcomed to work together and take part in our writing workshop.  Everyone had lots of fun!

Maths is everywhere! Pupils and their parents thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our Maths workshop together.

Family Learning

Over the course of several weeks during this term, some parents have worked closely with their children during sessions held on a Friday afternoon. These sessions have been lots of fun and each week there has been a different focus for the session.  These have included Phonics, Tricky words, Writing, Messy play, Fine motor skills and Maths. As you can see from the photos, there was a lot to do!

As part of our people who help us topic, three firemen from the Bromsgrove fire brigade visited Reception. They taught us about fire safety in our homes and how to stop, drop and roll if we catch fire. They even let us have a tour of their fire engine and get inside!

As part of our people who help us topic, a Bromsgrove Policeman and an Community Support Officer came to visit us. They talked about the special uniform and tools they carried around. We got to press the sirens in the police car and pretend to be real Policemen!

Spring 1


Spring 1