Religious Education


If you wish to speak to the co-ordinator of Religious Education then please contact Mrs Natalie Smith


Religious Education at St. Peter’s

At St Peter’s, RE is a core subject and aims to be of a quality to engage pupils’ intellect, heart and imagination. We follow the Learning and Growing as the People of God Strategy for all of our RE lessons, which is the curriculum strategy for Religious Education in Catholic Primary Schools in the Archdiocese of Birmingham. This strategy provides clear expectations for the teaching and learning of RE at each stage of every term from Nursery all the way through the Primary Years and is a systematic study of the Catholic faith and life.
In our school we aim to ensure that pupils’ develop an understanding of the Catholic faith and tradition, and that children are encouraged to investigate the faith with enthusiasm and rigour.
Our RE units focus on covering the breadth of the Catholic faith including The Liturgical Year, Scripture, The Sacraments and Living as Christians. Within these areas we teach the children to learn about the Catholic religion through developing their knowledge and understanding of the beliefs, teachings and sources of the Catholic faith, celebration and ritual within the Catholic faith and the social and moral practices and way of life within the Catholic faith. We also support the children in developing a deeper, more reverent way of thinking by learning from the Catholic religion, encouraging them to engage with their own and others’ beliefs and values, and to engage with meanings of question and purpose.
For a full breadth of study, please see our long term Curriculum overview for RE, which outlines the units which are covered at each stage in every year group to meet the above criteria.

Collective Worship
The aims and objectives of collective worship here at St Peter’s are:

• to provide an opportunity for children to worship God
• to enable children to consider spiritual and moral issues
• to enable children to explore our Catholic Faith
• to encourage participation and response
• to promote a common ethos, with shared values, and to reinforce positive attitudes
• to teach children how to worship

We understand worship to be a special act or occasion, the purpose of which is to show reverence to God. Collective worship involves members of the school coming together and participating in an assembly, Mass or liturgy. We expect everyone to take an active part in all acts of collective worship.
We hold a daily act of collective worship. This can be in the form of a whole school assembly, key stage assembly, class worship or class prayers. We also attend regular Masses at our parish of St Peter’s to celebrate special Feast days and occasions within the Catholic faith.

We take the themes of our assemblies from the traditions of the Catholic Faith, and we observe the festivals and mark the events of the Christian calendar. Sometimes the themes of our assemblies are related to topics that we teach as part of the school curriculum.

While all acts of worship in our school are in line with the Teachings and Doctrines of the Catholic Church, we also hold assemblies that inform us about the traditions of other religions that are represented in the school and the wider community.

Sacramental Preparation
Our Sacramental preparation programme takes place in Year 3, when children have the opportunity to make the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
All of our Year 3 children who wish to prepare for and make these Sacraments in Year 3 are invited to attend an Enrolment Mass, in the Autumn term with their families at the parish of St Peter’s, to enrol on the programme which they are about to undertake.
They are then expected to attend 5 Sacramental Preparation Meetings at school which take place over the course of the year. This is an opportunity for the children and their parents’ to work closely with our Parish Priest and Parish Catechists to prepare for these Sacraments. During these meetings the children will listen to relevant Scripture readings, engage in prayer and complete activities with their Parents’ and Catechists’ in order to help them understand and progress in their journey of faith.
The children then celebrate with their families, teachers and the parish as they make the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Spring term, followed by the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in the Summer term. The children also get the opportunity to share their special day with all of their friends at St Peter’s when we hold our special Thanksgiving Mass with the whole school.