Research indicates that the provision of a healthy school meal every day can lead to an improvement in your child’s health, behaviour, motivation and ability to learn and achieve. 

 The school uses Class Catering to provide nutritious, healthy meals designed by pupils, with help from their staff of experts. The menu offers a choice of fresh, healthy cooked food which meets the Government food-based standards and has been nutritionally analysed to create balanced, healthy meals. The menus retain the Gold Food for Life Catering mark and are freshly prepared using the finest, fresh and local ingredients: 

  • Red Tractor, Farm Assured British Meat from local butchers  
  • A selection of organic ingredients including: British Beef Mince, Eggs, Milk and Potatoes 
  • All fish products carry the MSC logo 
  • No undesirable additives and hydrogenated fats 
  • A variety of locally sourced fruit, vegetables, and Fair-Trade bananas served fresh daily 
  • Whole grains and fruits used in all baked desserts 
  • All sauces enriched with vegetables to help increase the daily vegetable uptake 
  • Limits on added salt and sugar used in cooking and baking 

Click on image to enlarge menu or on the link to download the menu, Class Catering also have Theme days over the year, please look out for the posters. 


The school uses ParentPay a secure online portal payment service for ordering and paying for your child’s lunches. This system applies to all pupils, whether they receive Universal Free School Meals (meals for Reception to Year 2), Free School meals or paid lunches.

Parent pay menus run on a weekly basis, please be aware that the cut off for ordering your child’s lunches is the Wednesday of the week prior to when you want them. 

If you child is in Key Stage 2 you will need to make a payment of £2.30 per meal, when you book your child’s choice, if no payment is made within 2 hours, ParentPay will cancel your order and no meal will be supplied.

This can be done online using ParentPay or in cash at local stores where you see the PayPoint logo

The nearest Paypoints to school are;

For a guide on booking your child’s meals please click on the link How-to-make-a-meal-and-event-bookings and a guide on how to make a payment How-to-pay-for-items

If you do not have a log in for ParentPay please contact the school office on 01527 831 872 or email to obtain a log in.

If you have any questions, please contact Leanne – Catering Manager 01527 875 782  Or email

Your support in using ParentPay will help our catering team enormously, and in the long run, make ordering and paying for your child’s meals much more efficient.