Getting Involved

There is government research that suggests that parental involvement has a direct effect on a child’s academic success in school. During the year we invite all Reception parents to attend meetings to explain how we teach phonics, reading, writing and numeracy. Parents have found this extremely helpful in supporting their role at home in this learning. You will also be invited to several ‘Inspire Workshops’ which give you the opportunity to work alongside your child in school. We are keen to work in partnership with you, and would value any suggestions that could help us to involve and support you further.

During the year you will be invited into school to share in some of our special assemblies, the Reception Nativity play and Sport’s Day at the end of the Summer Term.

We welcome any parents who would like to volunteer their time to help in school. Please contact the school office for more information.


Children love stories and nursery rhymes and we would encourage you to share these with your child on a regular basis. When sharing a book talk to your child about what he or she thinks might happen next in a story, how the story might end and then ask them to retell the story themselves. Picture books are very important to promote discussion, so look for books without any words to help your child practise this skill. Have fun acting out stories together. Your enthusiasm for a book will help your child to understand that books are exciting.

Hearing and saying rhymes is important for learning to read. Sharing rhymes with young children helps them listen to the patterns of language. Children first begin to notice that certain words have the same sounds at the end of the rhyme. Later they notice that many words share a pattern in the spelling. Understanding these links makes learning to read much easier. Make reading times fun and relaxed and you will see your child’s confidence grow!

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