Getting Ready for School

Home Visits

For many years we have valued the importance of Home Visits as part of St. Peter’s Induction Programme. It has always provided an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions that you or your child may have. It also has always enabled us to find out more about your child and help to provide suitable activities for their likes and interests when they start school.

Unfortunately, Home Visits this year will not be taking place but we are looking into other options that will hopefully provide us with the desired outcome of ensuring a smooth transition for your child from nursery to school. We will be in contact about this at a later date.

Your child will be happier and will settle quicker if a range of social and independence skills have been learned before starting school. Encourage them to be as independent as possible in everything they do, particularly in their own routines, such as using the toilet, feeding themselves and dressing. Here are links to two documents that outline different ways that you can help your child be school ready.

· Am I Ready for School – Tips for Parents

· The Road to School

Separating from Carers

It is natural for your child (and you) to feel anxious about starting school. You can help overcome this by talking about what is going to happen. Talk about the staff that will be there (using their names when possible) and remind them of any friends who will be starting at the same time.

We are going to arrange an opportunity for you to pick up a scrap book from school where you can help your child to stick in photographs and drawings into their ‘All About Me’ book ready to bring into school when they start.

Please reassure your child before coming to school that there are lots of people to help if anything is needed. Your child needs to know who will be collecting him/her at the end of the day especially if there is a change from the normal routine. It is important that you notify staff in writing (except in an emergency) if another adult is collecting your child.

Dressing and Undressing

It would be very helpful if your child could practise dressing and undressing before starting school. Putting on and taking off a PE kit can be quite a challenge! We expect to help with top buttons, ties and shoes so do reassure your child about this. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled. Getting changed is a difficult task for young children and with everyone wearing the same uniform it can become quite confusing for them and staff if clothes cannot be found because they are not labelled. Please use the following links to access information about St. Peter’s uniform. This year we are launching our school uniform with Marks and Spencer and through this scheme we will receive a commission on any items purchased. This is a form of fundraising for our school.

· School Uniform Policy 2020-2021

· M&S Your School Uniform Leaflet 2020


When starting school children should be able to use the toilet and wash their hands independently but help is always at hand should accidents occur, and these are dealt with sensitively. However, if a child was to soil themselves and could not follow instructions that ensured they were clean, then contacts would be telephoned to come and help their child. Due to safeguarding procedures school staff are unable to clean the children.

Break Time

In the morning the children have break time. All children in Reception are entitled to a free piece of fruit, which is from a Government initiative. They are also entitled to free milk until their fifth birthday. Please use the following link below to register your child with Cool Milk. They will set up an account for your child and if you wish for your child to still receive milk after their fifth birthday they will arrange for this to happen as payment will be required. We will then ensure your child receives their milk.

·Milk Registration Form


All children in Reception are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal provided by the Government initiative.

The school uses ParentPay a secure online portal payment service for ordering and paying for your child’s lunches. This system applies to all pupils, whether they receive Universal Free School Meals (meals for Reception to Year 2), Free School Meals or paid lunches.

ParentPay menus run on a weekly basis, please be aware that the cut off for ordering your child’s lunches is the Wednesday of the week prior to when you want them.

You will be issued with your unique ParentPay login details when your child starts school.

Whether your child has sandwiches or cooked lunches we expect good table manners. Please make sure that your child can use a knife, fork and spoon correctly. The lunchtime supervisors help the children to cut up food if help is needed. “Please” and “Thank you” are very important words at St. Peter’s which children are encouraged to remember.

The children’s lunch boxes and dinner trays will be checked before they leave the hall and you will be informed if there are any problems. When the children have finished their meal they are able to go to the Reception playground with the Reception Lunchtime Supervisors.


Throughout the year Reception issue Topic Overviews and Home Learning which provides information on topics being taught, key dates and reminders. The school also sends a weekly newsletter each Friday, which parents find invaluable. This is emailed to the first contact email address that you provide via the Confidential Data Form. If any diary event has Reception, Bees (Mr Pinnock) or Butterflies (Mrs Williams) then it will include your child. Please also refer to the school website for upcoming events and the class page for Reception news.

If you have information that you need to pass on about your child, please either write a short note or leave a message with a member of staff at the beginning of the day. If you need to talk confidentially or in more depth, it is better to wait until the end of the day when staff have finished supervising the children.

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