Year 4

How to Help with Maths

Children need to know all times tables facts up to 12 x 12. They need to be able to recall the answer within 6 seconds. The following website is really useful to practice this.

Here are some other websites that you can use to practice your timestables…

Topmarks Daily 10– Select Level 4 and choose a skill

Learn a times table in 5 days

Maths Chase

Tommy Trek platform game

Hit the button

Here is a document that will create random calculations in all 4 operations using written methods. You can reveal the answers to check they are correct afterwards or press ‘F9’ for some new numbers.

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Mathematical Vocabulary

In Maths, it is vital that children are able to explain their thoughts and reasoning. To do this, they need to be able to use mathematical vocabulary confidently and accurately.

Here is a useful online dictionary with examples of some of the vocabulary that we use.

Times Tables Resources

Click here for other Times Tables Quizzes 


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