Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher:    Mrs. C Clubley

Deputy Head:   Mrs. S Laskey

Key Stage One Phase Manager: Mrs. G Porter

Key Stage Two Phase Manager: Mrs. M Richardson


Mrs. A Rowe

Class Teachers and Class based Teaching Assistants  


Bees     Mr. A Pinnock (F.Aid)

Butterflies    Mrs. N Williams / Mrs. S Laskey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. K Turner (F.Aid), Miss. R Woodfield (F.Aid) and Mrs. S Ferreira

Year 1 

Dragonflies:     Miss. L McEntee

Grasshoppers:        Miss. L Fox

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs. D Berreen (F.Aid) and Mrs. N Juggins (F. Aid)

Year 2 

Squirrels:     Mrs. A Rowe  SENCO / Mrs. S Ottley

Hedgehogs:      Mrs. Porter

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. R Masterson (F.Aid) and Mrs. Weinans

Year 3 

Badgers:        Mrs. S Runcorn

Foxes:      Mrs. C Kesterton

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs. Woodfield (F. Aid)  and Mrs. Reed (F. Aid)

Year 4 

Woodpeckers:        Mrs. S Cole and Mrs. K Blow

Owls:       Mrs. M Richardson

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs. C Barrett and Mrs. L Powell (F. Aid)

Administration Team

Office Manager:                          Miss. E Thornton

Admin. Assistant:                       Mrs. M Pitchford/Mrs. Everard

Other Staff

Classroom Assistant:                 Mrs. E Hartless

Lunchtime Superintendents

Mrs. L Weinans, Mrs. D Bereen (F. Aid), Mrs. Ferreira.

Mrs. C Connor, Mrs. N Juggins (F. Aid), Mrs. L Powell (F. Aid), Mrs. L Newman (F. Aid),

Mrs. R Masterson (F.Aid), Mrs. D. Quinn

 Site Staff

Cleaner-in-Charge / Security Duties:  Mr. R Suckling

Cleaners: Mrs. B Suckling, Mrs. L Newman, Ms. A Bloomfield