St. Peter’s visit St. Joseph’s Care Home

St. Peter’s visit St. Joseph’s Care Home, Coleshill

Residents of St. Joseph’s Care Home, Coleshill, enjoyed a concert in their living room from St. Peter’s Choir.   We sang a variety of hymns and songs to delighted residents and staff.  We also took part in a flower arranging activity with the residents, creating some lovely displays.

Organised by St. Joseph’s Home and the St. Peter’s staff, the visit gave the children a chance to see Catholic social care in action.  “The children showed their support by putting on an enjoyable concert” said Ginny Cullen, St Joseph’s Fundraising Officer.

Run by Father’s Hudson’s Care, St. Joseph’s cares for older people and those living with dementia.  It regularly welcomes guests who entertain residents.

St. Joseph’s staff and residents thanked the school for visiting and hoped that they would come again.

Lexi in Class 4R said “When we arrived there the first thing we did was to sing to a group of elderly people and then we did flower arranging and I enjoyed it so much. Then we went to a different group called Ruby and then we had food with the elderly and came back to school.”