Victorians for the Day! Year Three Trip to Hartlebury

On Wednesday 28th September, the Year 3 children from St Peter’s Catholic First School (Academy) dressed up as Victorian children and went on a trip to Hartlebury Museum as part of their Curriculum topic on the Victorians. Whilst at Hartlebury, they got to experience life in a Victorian Schoolroom taking part in Reading, Writing and Maths lessons. A couple of children even got some punishments such as the cane and Dunce Hat. They played with Victorian toys such as the hoop and stick, cup and ball, stilts as well as many more. The children also experienced life as a Victorian servant, washing clothing on a washboard and using a washing dolly, ironing newspapers and cleaning the floor using tea leaves, as well as preparing dinner! “An enjoyable but tiring day was had by all.” Said Mrs Natalie Smith (Year 3 Class Teacher).